Laser Fat Loss Treatment in Denver

Get permanent fat loss and better wellness without surgery or medication.


Get Rid of Stubborn Fat Without Extra Work

Have you ever wished to live a healthy lifestyle, but you have not been able to achieve the muscle definition you want because the stubborn fat just won't budge? Are you ready to get the fat reduction and muscle definition you desire but haven't been able to reach? Fat loss laser therapy can help.

What Is Non-Surgical Fat Loss Therapy?

Non-surgical fat loss therapy helps you lose weight using state of the art technology in a variety of ways:

  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation uses a powerful magnet to contract your muscles, giving you the pain-free equivalent of 24,000 crunches in a single session.

  • We use cold laser therapy to disrupt the membrane of fat cells so that they shrink, giving you overall body slimming.

  • Red Light Therapy uses infrared light to not only shrink fat but improve your overall health, providing pain relief, reduced inflammation, and other health benefits.


How can we help?
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Uptown Denver Chiropractic, Spine, Injury & Laser has access to the most advanced non-surgical fat loss protocols in Colorado, and all these treatments are performed at one location.

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Start your weight-loss journey without surgery, pain or workouts. For each patient, we offer a comprehensive nutritional evaluation, physical and BMI measurement to ensure that laser fat loss will work for you.