How Chiropractic Can Help After An Auto Accident

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) cause much more than just a sore neck and headaches. Research has shown that even a low speed collision of 6.8 miles per hour (MPH) can cause serious damage to your cervical spine. Damage that may not be immediately apparent and difficult to diagnose. Because some of the injuries may not show up for days, weeks, or eve...

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Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain: What to Expect

Chiropractors take a comprehensive approach to treating neck or cervical pain. One of the first things a chiropractor will do is a case history and examination of not only your neck, but of your entire musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors want to understand how the rest of your body is affecting your neck. We also want to know what specific struct...

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How to relieve headaches naturally

 Headaches are one of the most popular medical complaints. You've most likely suffered one before and you may even be one of the 45 million in the U.S. that suffers chronic headaches. There are many different types of headaches and many different reasons why you could have one. We have listed some natural solutions to help relieve your headach...

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