The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care For Children

When it comes to chiropractic adjustments and children, we get asked what exactly does the adjustment do for them. Especially when we discuss why is it important for the overall health of the child. Well, we as chiropractors are concerned about the small misalignments that happen along the spinal column. It's those small misalignments that create t...

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What Is The Popping Sound During Chiropractic Adjustments?

 Everybody wants to know what the popping sound is during chiropractic adjustments. Simply put, chiropractors adjust synovial joints and synovial joints is an area where two bones almost touch. It's surrounded by a joint capsule that's filled with fluid called synovial fluid. When we do adjustments at Discover Health and Wellness Uptown, we si...

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How to relieve headaches naturally

 Headaches are one of the most popular medical complaints. You've most likely suffered one before and you may even be one of the 45 million in the U.S. that suffers chronic headaches. There are many different types of headaches and many different reasons why you could have one. We have listed some natural solutions to help relieve your headach...

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Is Chiropractic Care Safe?

Regardless of the cause, if you suffer from pain and discomfort, you might hear that chiropractic care can get you relief. You may have heard this suggestion from someone you know or read it online. Yes, chiropractic care is ideal for treating all pain related issues. Instead of masking the pain with prescribed medications, chiropractors go directl...

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