Chiropractic Versus Massage

 One of the main topics of questions we have here at the office is about massages. Should I get a Massage? Should I get chiropractic instead? Should I get massage with chiropractic? Should a massage come before chiropractic? Or chiropractic before the massage? What we recommend is very simple. Massage first, followed by chiropractic care. The ...

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What’s Causing My Neck Pain

Neck pain is the second common conditions patients come to visit a chiropractor. In fact over the years females have traditionally been having higher incidences in neck pain, higher risk for it, but with the changes in technologies, so more cell phone use, tablet use, computer use, men are experiencing neck pain at higher and higher rates as well. ...

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The mountains are calling: Hiking Your Way to Health

 The fall colors that Colorado is known for are just a few short weeks away. The aspen leaves on the mountainsides draw hikers and visitors from around the globe. However, the cooler weather and impressive scenery offer more than just a workout for your eyes! As autumn's outdoor temperatures begin their gentle slope toward winter, it's a chanc...

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The Connection Between Chiropractic Care and Nutrition

You try to purchase organic products. You make sure to steer clear of highly processed, GMO foods. You even do the bulk of your grocery shopping around the perimeter of the supermarket, buying products packed full of nutrients with a short shelf life. In theory, you're nailing the whole idea of healthy eating. But what if we told you that consuming...

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Improving Your Golf Game With Chiropractic Care

 "I've been going to a chiropractor for as long as I can remember. It is as important to my training as the practice of my swing." -Tiger Woods, Pro Golfer Research published by the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine has confirmed what most pro golfers already know: regular chiropractic care can indeed improve your golf swing and, as a result, l...

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