Chiropractic Care For Migraines


We thought it would be important to share with you some of the things that we would do for patients who have problems with migraines. If you or someone you know has been experiencing migraines let's make sure to share this with them. One of the unique things that Discover Health and Wellness Uptown does for people who have difficulty with migraine headaches is we look to find the cause of the problem. In many cases that can end up stemming from a change in how the spine and the neck is aligned from the side.

At Discover Health and Wellness Uptown we will take x-rays from different angles including from the side. When we look at those initial X-rays we will be able to determine if your head shifts forward. If we get a lot closer we can also see that there may be a bend in the neck that goes forward. And when we look at a neck from the side we want to see that there's a C-curve.

If there is a reversal of the cervical curve, like we see in a lot of cases, not only can this cause premature degeneration of the spine, but it also puts tension on the spinal cord. This tension on the spinal cord can cause many symptoms and migraine is one of them. We will examine you and your x-rays to understand what can be done to eliminate this tension causing migraines.

One treatment option to consider is chiropractic traction therapy. Traction therapy can be done manually or mechanically. Tractioning is a sustained force over time and with mechanical traction therapy there is a tool and device someone lays on that we specifically prescribe based on the patients' curve.

This method is not for everyone and it's not for all migraine cases. But in specific cases that it is recommended for, it's been shown to be better than physical therapy, isolation therapy, removal therapy. If you know someone who's had migraines and wants to find the cause of the problem, please share this with them or contact Discover Health and Wellness Uptown for a consultation! 

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