New Year’s Resolutions

2019 is upon us whether we’re ready or not. Are you making any resolutions this year? The holidays can cause fatigue, sparking feelings of being ready to start over with a clean slate.  While getting healthy is a common resolution, getting a healthy lifestyle back on track isn’t as easy as many people think it is. How can you make this year the year you keep your resolutions?  We have some suggestions that may help you out.

Keep Your Resolution Realistic

Maybe you will wake up January 1st and join a gym! You feel like you can conquer the world, maybe even get that six pack before the year is over.  Not that it can’t be done, but before you make that commitment to stick to rock hard abs, you first need to stop and ask yourself if that’s even possible.

You will be more successful wrestling with your resolutions to a healthier lifestyle if you make your goals something you can actually reach. You may not get that rock hard body you were imagining on New Year’s Eve, but you can be a healthier and fitter version of you. Commit to a workout schedule you can actually stick to and make dietary changes that are easy to incorporate into your life. If you need some help with understanding healthy ways to change your lifestyle habits, you can count on Discover Health and Wellness Uptown to help you out!

One Step at a Time

You probably need to slow down a bit when it comes to your resolutions. Sure, it might feel good to sit down and list all the things you’d like to do (or not do) this year, but truly reaching goals and making changes needs to happen one step at a time.

If you try to juggle a long list of resolutions it will quickly become overwhelming and finally unaccomplished. Instead, choose one resolution to work on at a time. A great example is to work out a certain number of days per week. Once you get in the groove and meet that goal, then move on to something else – like cutting down on the amount of sugar you eat. Set yourself up for success by tackling one resolution at a time and doing things in achievable incremental steps.


Get A Support System or Buddy

To help you stay on track, enlist help. Let your chiropractor know about your goals and get a friend or a family member to prepare meals with you or work out. If you team up with someone, you’re more likely to get the results you want.

Go ahead and make all the resolutions you want, but have a plan of attack. Keep them simple and manageable and enlist the help of those around you. Once you see your success, you can encourage people around you to do the same.  Not sure where to begin, contact Discover Health and Wellness Uptown for a consultation.  We will help you reach your goals!